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Things You’ll Definitely Want in Your Basement Bar

Basement bars are a perfect addition to any home, especially for homeowners who enjoy entertaining family and friends. What could go wrong with pairing your basement home theater or man cave with a bar? In this article, we will explore some design ideas that may help inspire you. 

Some people may prefer to have their bar on the main floor of their home, but what is so great about bars in the basement? For example, suppose you enjoy entertaining in your backyard, and there is a direct entrance, such as sliding glass doors. That gives easy access to your basement, and having a bar close by makes it easy to mix up your favorite cocktails without going up and down stairs. 

Any mixologist will attest to the importance of having a sink in the bar area. However, without a sink, you will find yourself going to the kitchen to use the sink or some type of plastic tub. 

Here are some very important things to consider when you are designing your basement bar: 

  • Work with the space you have – You don’t have to give your basement a complete remodel. You can assess your existing space and plan accordingly. Such as, a bar can fit snugly underneath the stairs and still have a place for everything you need to have a fully functional bar. 
  • Ambient lighting – Lighting can change the entire mood in an environment. With some clever placement, you can create an ambiance that feels warm and inviting. Light strips that provide a soft glow will allow you to achieve a bar area that will please any crowd. 
  • Are you a wine connoisseur? – This is an excellent opportunity to plan your bar around your wine collection. Plan to have plenty of open shelving that will allow you to display your collection. You’ll want to show off your incredible collection, but also provide you with easy access to each bottle. 
  • Glass cabinet doors – this will allow you to show off all the beautiful stemware you have in your bar area. This is also a perfect way to pair glass with your lighting choices. Lights love to bounce off of glass and sparkle. 
  • Create a “bar vibe” with neon signage – Putting up unique neon signs in your bar creates a relaxed and cool vibe. Paired with leather bar stools, rock accents on the walls, and chunky wood countertops, you’ve got yourself a fun vibe that will make you feel like you are having a drink out on the town. 
  • If you have the space, maybe consider installing a dishwasher – after an exciting evening with friends and family, where the drinks were flowing, you can expect to have a lot of dishes and glassware to wash in the aftermath. Just think about how easy it would be to pop all the dirty dishes into a dishwasher that is built into your basement bar. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will set you on the right path to designing your new basement bar. But wait, there’s more… 

Here are some things to consider when you are choosing between a wet bar and a dry bar. What is the difference? 

Wet Bars 

A wet bar will require plumbing of some sort, such as a sink area for washing glassware, pitchers, and other dishes used in the bar area. In addition, they typically include a dish drying rack or kitchen towels to dry off dishes manually. That way, they can be immediately placed back in their respective areas. 

One common misconception is that a wet bar must have a kegerator, which uses electricity to keep the keg cold. However, a kegerator does not constitute what makes a wet bar. 

What are the pros and cons of installing a wet bar in your basement? 


  • It allows you to offer more drink options to your guests. With a wet bar, you can add ice and serve chilled cocktails. 
  • The more equipment you have, the more effectively you’ll be able to entertain. Your guests will truly enjoy the full bar experience. 
  • Having a full at-home bar gives you experience in the bartending field. You can test your mixology skills. 


  • Doing dishes during your party. Nobody wants to spend their evening watching you clean.
  • Cleaning up will distract you from entertaining your guests. A host should be available to give their undivided attention to their friends and family.
  • Wet bars are more expensive to keep running. Appliances are not cheap, nor is the electricity it takes to run them.

Dry Bars 

Although a dry bar tends to be less exciting than a wet bar, it certainly has its charms. A dry bar is excellent for those who wouldn’t utilize all the extras found in a wet bar. In addition, a dry bar is a perfect place to store your beautiful stemware and line up your favorite bottles of spirits and wine. 

What are the pros and cons of installing a dry bar in your basement? 


  • You don’t have to worry about adding additional outlets and water lines, which will save you money on water and electric bills. 
  • A dry bar requires less space. Even in small areas, you’ll have enough room for all the necessities. 
  • Dry bars can be very DIY-friendly. If your project does not require help from a plumber or an electrician, you can install a dry bar on your own.


  • Without extra space, a dry bar can become cluttered. 
  • Mixed drink additives are cheaper than serving drinks that are strictly alcohol.
  • A dry bar can only offer warm beverages. 

Whether you are looking to install a wet bar or a dry bar, it is best to leave all the heavy lifting work to the professionals. Utah Basement Builders know the ins and outs of what is involved in all things basement. Contact us today, and we can help you get started on your new basement bar project.