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Basement Living Room Installers in Utah

As one of northern Utah’s busiest basement contractors, we frequently get calls to build basement living rooms. It’s a perfect way to use that space to its best advantage.

You may think the reason we recommend basement finishing is because we are basement contractors, and while we love our jobs, we also honestly want you to use the space you have wisely. Your basement is part of your home, and you pay for it every month, so you may as well be able to enjoy it.

More Open Space

What’s great about many basements is that they’re so large, especially if you have a ranch-style home. For this reason, it’s ideal for a basement living room.

Upstairs, your space is divided into smaller areas — living room, dining room, bedrooms, etc. But the basement is wide open. It will have support posts, but we can cleverly camouflage these with one of any number of types of coverings. We also can wall off utility areas and create a washroom for your laundry machines while still leaving you lots of space for a basement living room.

You’ll have the space you always wanted for larger gatherings such as holiday and birthday parties. We can even install a basement kitchenette or wet bar to make it easier for you to make and serve food and drinks.

You’ll also be able to fit more and larger furniture in your basement living room. Upstairs, you may have only had space for small sofas and one or two chairs. But in a basement living room, you can get a large sectional couch with a built-in chaise and ottoman. The largest sectionals seat six to 10 people, so they’re great for having lots of company.

Clean living room featuring white furniture and a fireplace

Basement Remodeling and Finishing

Whether you’re looking for basement finishing or basement remodeling, our team can make it happen for you. You may have previously used your basement as a playroom, but your kids have grown and would now prefer a space to sit and visit with friends or play video games. You might have had a game room with a pool table and dart board, but the family grew tired of these and now you want to repurpose the area.

Lighting Considerations

If you’re thinking of a smaller basement living room because you want to add a bedroom as well, we can help you make the most of it by constructing built-in beds with pullout storage underneath or drawers instead of a dresser.

If you’d like a basement kitchenette, we can build an island to put stools around, or a bench in a nook to save the space that chairs would take up.

Whatever you have in mind for your basement living room, we can help. Call us today.