Our Team

Utah Basement Builders Owners

Brian White

Basement finishing contractor

Accumulating 15 years of construction experience, Brian is an all around professional. With a degree from UVU in construction management, Brian has the ability and know how to tackle any project or problem thrown his way. Brian has experience in all aspects of construction, one of those being his work done for a framing crew building projects from town homes all the way up to custom houses! Brian is a family man that loves to spend time with his wife and children. He also loves to go out and play basketball in his free time.

Ryan Fenner

Basement finishing contractor

Ryan has a degree in construction management from UVU. With more than 6 years of experience in the construction industry and learning from the best around, Ryan knows modern designs and has the knowledge to accomplish any task put in front of him. Ryan has taken part with many of the aspects of construction, including framing, hvac work, plumbing and electrical, making him the expert you need to remodel your home or finish your basement! Ryan is also a family man and loves to take whatever free time he has to spend time with them. Getting away from town and spending time on the ranch for the weekends is one of his favorite pass times.